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Nothing is more important than getting to know yourSelf better and to consciously create a life you are happy to participate in!

Life is full of wonderment and possibilities when we allow our Selves to see the many opportunities for growth and transformation in all its forms. 

What does transformation even mean? "The word transformation has 2 roots- the word 'form,' meaning the structure of something and the Latin word or prefix 'trans,' meaning beyond, across, or on opposite sides. Thus the word transformation means something akin to moving beyond form.
There is opportunity wherever transformation occurs. This is because new territory is opened and stepping beyond our habitual view of things can usher in new ways of perceiving as well as new ways of acting in the world" Tom Kenyon.

I AM a wellness practitioner, facilitator of change, public speaker and teacher  for personal development providing support and techniques to assist you reaching your full potential. I coach  moving through stress, anxiety, phobias, addictions, dramas, weight issues, fears ect. Any mental, emotional block or belief that you have we can shift to have a more rewarding and full filling life experience.

 I use proven, simple and practical methods plus energy techniques to get to the root cause of discomfort for you to create a healthier, happier, more productive and empowered life.

Not sure about energy healing? Well, scientists have clearly documented that all things are made  up of energy. Energy fields operate inside our bodies {chakra system} and outside our bodies {auric system}. When our energetic vibration decrease, dis-ease can occur on physical, emotional,  mental and spiritual levels. 

 "Energy therapy is the most important alternative medicine treatment of all alternative medicine treatments. And it is the medicine of the future," declared Dr. Oz.

Currently various energy techniques are being used in hospitals, hospices, wellness centers and privates homes around the world.

The symbols above represent 2 different mini healings, which can be experienced for free, plus learn how to do for yourself and others. I will be happy to share them with you or you can also learn more at www.DerekONeill.com
​*Sri Prema Agni*                              *Sri Premapranahuti*                             *Sri Prema Dharmadhatu*

Proven benefits of energy modalities according to
The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine:
*works on all levels-
emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, conscious, unconscious
*accelerates the natural healing process
*provides pain relief/reduction
*reduces stress which causes aging and disease
*creates a deep sense of peace and well being
*releases toxins from the body 
*provides limitless benefits for spiritual growth
*increase awareness and creativity
*aids in meditation
*encourages positive thinking
*improves concentration
*effective and beneficial foe all ages
*safe for humans and animals
*can be  done long distance

         ***Energy medicine does not interfere,                                        or take the place of                                          traditional medical treatments but                        compliments all other medical treatments***  

 Teacher &WellnessCoach
"Through love all pain will turn to medicine"   Rumi