Return to the freedom of your soul's essence.

More Truth Will Set You Free Workshops are a supportive venue for like minded individuals to gather and share stories of their challenges and triumphs in order to gain new perspectives that promote healing.

The combination of group sharing, inspirational teachings, meditation and music creates an ideal environment to help us identify our own issues and their root cause so we can get a better understanding of their message, and let the healing begin.

These workshops touch the very core of your being and bring soul-utions to your questions and fears.

​More Truth Will Set You Free events are based on the philosophy that you create your own reality. As such the events, relationships, and challenges in our life are often a mirror to what is going on in our inner world-emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Similar to the benefits of group meditation, when people gather with a specific intent such as healing or peace, the universe responds with energetic support greater than what we can achieve  on our own.

Most of our lives are touched by loss, pain, dis-ease, injury, depression, and fear at some point. Listening to others share their stories often helps us gain insight into our own life.

         You DESERVE HAPPINESS, this is your birthright. 

More Truth Will Set You Free workshops are an opportunity to identify blockages, patterns, and beliefs that are contributing to the challenges in your life. You will also learn proven healing techniques to guide you back to wellness.

Workshop benefits-
*access untapped potential
*connect mind, body and spirit
*remove limiting belief systems
*self confidence and empowerment

When we gain perspective and greater understanding of the message behind the imbalance, we begin to replace negative thoughts and emotions with gratitude and acceptance. This inner empowerment begins to reflect in our outer world and we recognize their is no need to rely on others to create a more fulfilling, happy and meaningful life.

These workshops were developed by Derek O'Neil, who is committed to teaching individuals  and corporations how to use consciousness, compassion and cooperation to transform themselves and others. In order to meet the growing demand for these workshops, Derek has trained facilitators around the world. For more information you can go to

More Truth Will Set You Free Workshop
"The truth that will set you free     
 is that you are the creator of       
 your own destiny."
Derek O'Neill
"I have been taking MTWSYF classes for over a year now if not more. I can not say enough about this class. Donna Marie is one of the most calming people I have ever met and the class is one of the classes that truly releases all that is within me. I always come out feeling like the weight of the world was just lifted off of me. I look forward to each class and am disappointed when I can not make a class. I recommend Donna Marie to everyone. She puts all of herself in each class and lovingly guides each one of us in the direction needed to heal. I look forward to taking more classes in the future." Luann, New Jersey
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