Reaching Rainbows

These high quality fun playshops nurture and support the components of 
Heart Centered Education, Mindfulness and Smart Art.

Heart Centered Education highlights character education through storytelling in each lesson to bring awareness to the child's innate goodness and compassion  shared toward oneself,
others, animals and the environment.

Mindfulness, as silent sitting or meditation, quiets the inner chatter. Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques will be taught to help make positive use of language, make healthy choices and increase focus.

Smart Art utilizes the combination of singing, group art projects and creative movement to inspire healthy self expression, social skills, collaboration and communication.

These self explorative and holistic playshops give children the opportunity to be heard, seen, accepted and loved.This elevates their confidence and trust in who they are to be leaders of kindness resulting in less experiences of bullying.

This program provides valuable tools for children to live happy, healthy heart centered lives.

​These programs are offered and packaged as after school enrichment programs (1 time per week throughout the school year or 10 week minimum), assemblies (5-9 throughout school year) and residencies (meeting children's needs for specific classes and age levels). They are structured and suitable for elementary schools and community centers and can be adapted for any venues focused needs and interests.

Reaching Rainbows Playshops for Empowerment                 can be adapted for any age group as well as adults. I believe we are all doing the best we can with what we know. News, media, movies, music etc. give us messages on who we should be, look like, act like, what clothes to wear etc. A lot of this creates inner conflict with the truth of who we know ourselves to truly be and creates outer conflict in our relations to family and society. I believe when we have the courage to rise and face the integrity of who we are and live from our hearts again opposed to the stress and worry that lives in our minds we can come together, heart to heart, through kindness and compassion. These workshops gently but profoundly assist in awakening to the language of the heart again to be empowered from within that gives us the strength to be the voice and action of a universal love to assist one another in peace, healthy living.

"Intelligence plus character is true education"                      Martin Luther King Jr.

Also available:

Simple Stress Management Tools 4 Teachers, Parents & Students
In today's society we are pressured more than ever to do more,                             have more, and achieve more.                            This pulls both parents and teachers in many directions feeling scattered, overwhelmed and exhausted creating stress and impatience. When stress is high we have the tendency to react instead of choosing more mindful solutions. We can only do one thing at a time but if our focus is not clear we may not be doing our best and  this can unconsciously leave one  with  feelings of failure. This behavior often leads to unhealthy habits such as overeating or eating the wrong types of foods and spending lots of time being inactive on the couch watching television ect. These behaviors will cause more stress in the body and will cause health issues. 
In this experiential workshop you will be given simple proven effective techniques to release stress from your body and mind that will  help give more clarity and focus to what is important to you. Most of all it will create the patience you need to deal with the everyday interactions and surprises that take place at home or in the classroom.  
This workshop is also adapted for children, because they are responsible for more and more activities in school with test taking and multiple after school activities. They too can feel pressured to succeed and if they do not have healthy ways of coping they can create unhealthy habits as well. 

       Every lesson develops one of the values of                 peace, love, truth, right conduct and           non-violence.
                This gives children the courage to                   shine their light and be bully free and be    leaders of kindness.
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Reaching Rainbows Playshop 
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If there could be only one thing in life for me to learn
I would learn to love...
To respect others so that I may find respect in myself, To learn the value of giving, so that if ever there comes a time in my life that someone really needs, I will give,
To act in a manner that I wish to be treated;
to be proud of myself,
To laugh and smile as much as I can,
in order to help bring joy back into this world.
To have faith in others,
To be understanding...
To stand tall in this world and learn to depend on myself,
To only take from this Earth those things which I really need, so there will be enough for others,
​To not depend on money or material things for my happiness, but
To learn to appreciate the people who love me, my own simple beauty and to find peace and security within myself.
I hope I have learned all of these things,
For they are love.
Adapted from A Teacher's Prayer
Donna Dargis
It is through the heart and imagination
where all possibilities and dreams begin!

      Playshops are fun experiential learning                      that focuses on mindfulness &                  character education activities designed to  promote wellness!
*These workshops have been adapted for all age groups including adults*