Moving Meditations for Self Discovery. 

These movement experiences reintroduce you to see yourSelf in a new fascinating light and to generate a new gratitude for your form, knowing that it is your own unique creation that shows your essence to the world.

Dancing gets you out of your head and brings your awareness to your body & feelings. Emotions are energy in motion. Any feelings you haven't allowed yourself to fully process out of fear can be moved out of the body in a gentle and healthy expression of movement. The result being a feeling of freedom, healing and joy from the release.

Intuitively you will hear your soul singing within motivating your body to move while the embrace of the breath nurtures your every step.

Using dance as an offering & surrendering to the movement permits for a gentle flow of energies which creates transformation and healing. This form of meditation also actualizes opportunities to obtain a profound inner stillness which allows guidance to rise and answers to be heard.

All classes begin with a still meditation followed by a short guided warm up to prepare the body for movement. Then each participant will dance however they feel is right for them. No prior dance training necessary. After the dance portion is completed there will be another still meditation to assimilate the new  awareness of your being.

These classes incorporate individual adventures and group interactions which  helps to mirror our relationship to how we treat ourself. The class may also include breathing techniques, mudras and positive affirmations.

It is fun and a great source of exercise!
Allow yourself to shimmer, shine and expand through 
 Dance Meditation!

"Dancing gives you a triple dose of happiness by speeding up your metabolism, flushing out stress hormones from your body, and increasing levels of feel-good endorphins," says Barbara Ainsworth, PhD, professor of exercise and wellness at Arizona State University.

Various types of Dance Meditations~

Dynamic Dance
This is a great opportunity to become more aware of your breath and how it influences your energy and movement. The class is fun and offers the opportunity for creative self expression and group inter-plays. Super playful!

Cosmic Dance
This class brings awareness to the masculine and feminine qualities within to help you heal wounds from unbalance and unexpressed emotions. You will gain wisdom and understanding that will make you feel powerfully free!

Sacred Shakti Dance
This is fierce hip twitching participation that gets the kundilini energy rising. It is an empowering feminine flowing experience!

Dance of Devotion
This is a beautiful heart opening observation that is dedicated to the Divine in you and assists in loving yourself and others even more. You will feel love, peace and an expansion of awareness!

"It was a joy & a delight & I look forward to the next one. I think all ages & body types can bebefit from (re)connecting to their instrument through the gifts this class offers."
Anthony,Queens New York

"I didn't know what to expect & was a little bit nervous at first. But I was immediatly put at ease by Donna's gentle approach and the safe atmosphere she created in this sacred dance class. I have never felt this kind of freedom of movement and it helped me get to some real core issues within me & gave me away to express myself like never before. I'm so grateful for this experience.
Anna. NJ

"Donna's class was really fun & made us laugh & feel lighter about life. It was like putting your finger in a crazy plug & yes I did sweat."
Matthias, California

"The dance class gave a chance to unwind. The dance was universal & not confined to any specific race or tradition."
Aditya, Singapore 

"Magical inner & outer dance experience, free flowing freedom of expression, complete self-acceptance, a joyful release no matter where you are in life"
Mary Jo, Los Angeles

"I had a blast. I usually shy away from allowing myself to just let go & enjoy me, my body & others publicaly. Your guidance, joy & talent offered all of us the opportunity to shake it up, let go & have a wonderful time. Thank you! I don't know when I laughed so much, the exercise was a bonus! I look forward to the next time." 
Cindy, Georgia

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Words cannot always convey what the soul needs to share. Through dance performance, Donna Marie allows emotions to rise and personal expression to shine through which transfers to the audience to create transformation and freedom for the dancer and the observer.

"Donna Marie is an inspired dancer, her dancing in an expression of beauty and truth. Through it, she delivers healing grace to the audience, as well as to those participating in her classes."                                                  Kat, New York
Dance Meditations